School-based group workshops

Professional programs that help students navigate common youth struggles.

Drugs & Alcohol

6-Week Program

Informing teens of the short and long-term consequences of drug taking including the current epidemic of vaping. This program contains evidence-based strategies for helping to manage urges associated with substance use as well as reflecting on what might draw youth to substance use and how that might negatively impact their future.

Self Esteem & Resiliance

6-Week Program

Helping teens to build their confidence through social skills training and anxiety management from being in social situations.

This interactive program contains clinically sound activities to increase self awareness and resilience.

Mind Matters

Provides strategies for students to manage anxiety and stress.

Anger Management

6-Week Program

We work with students to help them identify what triggers their anger and how to express it healthily. Psychoeducating youth on this complex emotion gives them a greater understanding of anger and the skills to confidently managing it.

Tackling Anxiety

4-Week Program

Unpacks the way our brains are wired to form unhelpful habits for managing our anxiety. Once these habits are identified scientific based strategies are taught to break these habits and new ways of coping with anxiety are offered.

Seasons of Growth (Grief)

9-Week Program

Helping youth make better sense of grief and loss using the metaphor of the 4 seasons of the year. Youth are given the opportunity to explore their own grief and loss through various activities where they choose how much or little to contribute. A great program for supporting youth in many forms of grief, in which social (particularly peer) support is shown to be a great resilience builder.

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